Hiya! Looks like you googled my name...

First off, thanks for being engaged in local politics! Being active in politics where you live is the most important part of doing your civic duty. Anyway, I won't waste your time. I'm keeping this campaign simple. As a commissioner, I promise to do my best on a two part plan for Bowling Green.

Part 1 - Be good - This means doing things that make sense for the city and all of its citizens, not just some. This also means working to make Bowling Green a city that's just as good for animals as it is our people. Kentucky is the worst state in the country for animal welfare. Let's have Bowling Green lead by example by fixing this terrible facet of our state. 

Part 2 - Look good - It's more important to be good than it is to look good...but that doesn't mean that Bowling Green should turn a blind eye to parts of our city that need some major attention. Specifically, I will work to turn our waterfront into another beautiful part of our city, instead of a neglected park. Having an active waterfront will bring in tourism, and money, that we haven't been able to tap into in its current state.

That's it! Like I said...simple. No frills. No BS. Have a good one!

 Pictured above: Me.

Pictured above: Me.